Patient Monitoring Accessories

Patient Monitoring is an inherent part of patient care. The interfacing with the patients is done with the help of patient monitoring accessories. Usage of the right interface is very critical as the failure of its functioning will lead to lethality of the patients. Sperandus aims to bring a transformational change by providing the cutting edge technology of patient monitoring accessories with the right interface for a better patient care.

Patient monitoring accessories are utilized independently or used with the devices to provide efficient and timely treatment to the patients. All of them assist in the collection and analysis of vital signs of the patient. It becomes the need of the hour to provide utmost care to the patients with the patient monitoring accessories as there is a high prevalence of chronic diseases like cardiovascular and diabetes.

The patient monitoring accessories include NIBP hose, IBP, Blood pressure cuff, SPO2 reusable, SPO2 disposable, SPO2 extensions/adapters, SPO2 original sensors, 5 lead ECG cables, 3 lead ECG cables, Temperature probe, Cardiac output, Capnography, BIS sensor, Pulse oximeters, Analyzers. Our accessories are heavy-duty, low noise, precision pieces of equipment with extremely high reliability. We are also able to provide you with the following generic products and accessories from various manufacturers such as:

  • Masimo- SpO2 sensors and cables
  • GE-Datex/Ohmeda-SpO2 sensors and cables.
  • Maquet- oxygen sensors
  • Dräger-accessories, spare parts, and consumable

”The best patient care with our best patient care accessories”

”A transformational change with best patient care.”

Spo2 Probe copy

Spo2 Sensor 0.9 mtr

3 Lead ECG Cable

Epo2 extn Cable (1)

Nellcor DS 100 A (Pack of 10) original spo2 sensor

NBP-0110_1024x1024 Copy

IBP Cable for HP 12pin (BD)

Etco2 Sampling Line

BP Cuff New Copy

5 Lead ECG Cable

Air Temperature Sensor