• Diabetic foot ulcers are among the most common complications that occurs in around 15% of people who have Diabetes Milletus which is not well controlled.
  • Certain foot issues can increase the risk of developing foot ulcers in people with Diabetes
  • The severity of Diabetic foot cannot be understated, as when left untreated, Diabetic foot ulcers often lead to infection, gangrene and may require amputation. 
  • High foot(plantar) pressures in Neuropathic Diabetic foot can lead to incidence of ulcers. 
  • 80+ million people suffer from Diabetic ulcers. 
  • India has set to become the Diabetes capital of the world by 2025. 
  • Early detection and treatment will yield better results if you develop an ulcer. 
  • DiaBot helps maintain mobility by detecting diabetic foot ulcers through pressure and movement sensor technology and analytics. 
  • No wearable foot pressure measurement device exists which is accessible or affordable in India. 
  • Diabot is one of its kind which is tested for its efficiency and is an affordable diabetic insole. 

DiaBot Features

  • DiaBot has  been developed for all  foot sizes. 
  • Insole assembly of the DiaBot is covered with a soft, comfortable and aesthetic leather material. 
  • Flexible sensors which are attached to the 3D printed insoles are designed in different shapes and sizes. 
  • EVA foam layer is bonded to the 3D printed insole to give comfort when walking with the insole put in the shoe. 
  • The insole is durable, strong and has the ability to sustain high pressure without cracking. 
  • It has a Bluetooth and wi-fi based interface developed for data acquisition and uses the cloud technology for data storage. 
  • The interface is connected to the mobile application for dynamic display of foot pressure measurements and remote patient monitoring.