ICU/OT/Anaesthesia supplies

Anaesthesia equipment is an important high precision equipment used for the safe conduct of anaesthesia, but equipment malfunction may also contribute to morbidity and mortality. Anaesthesia & Ventilator Circuits offered comprises breathing system including vital set of components that assist in connecting patient’s airway to anaesthetic machine, thus providing for artificial breathing atmosphere.  

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Sperandus provides high caliber products like anaesthesia circuits, masks and catheter mount, breathing bags, pressure infusor, Ambu bags, airway, vaporizer, suction, nerve stimulator, CO2 absorbers, adult circuits, Bain circuits, disposable circuits, Mapalson-D, neonatal circuits, paediatric circuits, plain circuits, reasonable circuits to impel the excellent interfacing products for anaesthesia.

The ICU is a demanding environment due to the critical condition of patients and the variety of equipments necessary to support and monitor patients.
Intensive Care Unit Circuits are most important of the respiratory supplies that include adult circuits, disposable circuits, extra limb, paediatric circuits, reusable circuits, single water trap circuit, transport ventilator, trap. 

Ambu Bag Adult
Reusable Patient Plate
Disposable Pediatric 3limb with Bag
Disposable Pressure Infusor 3000 ml